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Innovative Mounts Focus/Mazdaspeed3 Rear Mount

by Jerry Thao

Innovative Mounts Focus/Mazdaspeed 3 Rear Motor Mount

Reduce wheel hop and improve shifting with the Rear Motor Mount from Innovative Mounts. Released in early march, this RMM is built to last, made from Laser Cut Carbon Steel. Stepping out of our comfort zone and branching into other growing car communities is an opportunity for us to reach many different car manufactures. We're excited to learn and explore the market to serve customers and shops.  

Why this mount? 

• Affordable and easy to install
•  Laser cut steel, high quality product
• Minimize engine moment, improves traction and handling
• Night and day difference when accelerating
• Reduces torque steer
• Bushing Options (60a, 75a, 85a, 95a)

Installation Information:
• Difficulty: Moderate
• Installation time: 1 1/2 hours
• Tools: Basic shop tools

Vehicle Fitment:
• 2013-2016 Focus ST
• 2016-2018 Focus RS
• 2007-2013 Mazdaspeed 3

Check out the install and review video

To sum it up:

The Innovative RMM for the Focus/Mazdaspeed3  provides you with drastically reduced engine movement which improves response, reduces wheel hop. A strong benefit that you will get from our upgraded rear engine mount for your Focus ST/RS and Mazdaspeed3 is the stronger connection to the chassis. Many of these newer cars put so much emphasis on comfort that it takes away from the driver feedback and connection. We believe our performance RMM characteristics of driving back in and makes it feel like the car it's suppsoe to be.