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H22 Alternator Re-Locator Innovative Mounts


H22 Alternator Relocator Bracket Designed to relocate H22 alternators during H-Series Engine conversions for Acura and Honda model vehicles allowing extra room in the Engine bay.

Some EF H-Series Swap Applications 88-91 Civic/CRX may require modification to either this Bracket or your Crossmember for proper installation clearance.

Uses a 37 inch serpentine belt

It is strongly recommended that all installs be done by a mechanic or automotive specialist.
Mounts/Brackets Can Not be returned or Swapped out after they have been Bolted down revealing Bolt impressions).
Please Make sure this Kit fits your vehicle before Bolting them in place.

  • Ideal for H-Series Swaps and H-Series to B Series conversions
  • Lowers the factory H22 alternator to where the A/C compressor was originally Mounted
  • Available With a 1/2 inch offset for use in applications where balancing shafts have been removed
  • Improved Design
  • CAD/CAM Designed
  • Stress Analyzed
  • Lifetime warranty

Weignt 3lbs