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Lifetime Warranty Policy & Registration

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Lifetime Warranty Policy

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us so we have extended our warranty policy to cover all aspects of our products to ensure that any manufacturer defect is repaired or replaced. Please follow these steps so we can address your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Warranty Claim Process

1. Customers must email the following information to Sales@innovativemounts.com
  1. Images of damaged item.
  2. Product information (part number, etc.)
  3. Date and location of purchase (when and who did you buy this part from?)
  4. Full name, shipping address and phone number
2. A case number and sales order number for the warrantied item will be issued to the email that was provided.
3. Customers will not be responsible for shipping costs in warranty cases.
4. In most cases, we do not require damaged items to be returned, however if we request that your item back to be analyzed we will provide a shipping label.
5. Tracking information will be provided once the warrantied item ships.
* Innovative Mounts will only cover shipping within the continental U.S. - International customers will need to pay for shipping on their warrantied items.

Bushing Replacement Process

1. Customers must email the following information to Sales@innovativemounts.com
a. Images of the damaged bushing
b. Bushings information (hardness)
c. Mount kit product number
d. Full name, shipping address and phone number
2. Bushing hardness can be changed by one level at no charge (from 60A to 75A, 75A-85A, etc.) however two levels will require $10 per set. (from 60A-85A, 75A-95A, etc.)
3. Replacement bushings of the same color and hardness can be shipped at no cost. The customer is responsible for installing these parts.
4. Innovative Mounts will install replacement bushings at no cost, however shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Innovative will cover return shipping costs.

Return/Exchange Policy

We will only accept returns or exchanges from customers that have ordered directly from our business. If you did not purchase your part directly from us, we will not accept any return or exchange. If you purchased our product from an authorized distributor, please contact them directly.
Returns or exchanges will be processed if:
  1. Proof of purchase is provided Item(s) are in the condition it was received in and in the original packaging
  2. The original ship date of product is within 6 months
Returns or exchanges will NOT be processed if:
  1. The item appears to have been used or installed.
  2. The item has been modified or altered in any way.
  3. The item was not purchased new.
  4. The item is not a genuine Innovative Mount products.
If your product is eligible for a return or exchange, please follow the process below:
1. Email the following information to Sales@innovativemounts.com
a. Full name, order number & order date
b. Product number
c. Reason for return / exchange
d. Replacement product(s) number(s)
2. Once this information has been received, our team will process the return or exchange.
3. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs
4. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee
5. Items that are no longer in production cannot be returned or exchanged
6. Custom items cannot be returned or exchanged (custom color mounts, bushings, etc.)
Please contact us with any questions regarding warranty claims, exchanges or returns. Innovative Mounts reserves the right to deny any service or warranty claim at their discretion.