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00-09 S2000 Conversion Mount Kit J-Series Manual

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Conversion Mount Kit For 2000-2009 Honda S2000 AP Designed to fit the Honda S2000 Chassis when performing a J-Series Engine Conversion With a Manual F-Series Transmission.

  • Unique no-tear vibration minimizing bushings
  • CAD/CAM Designed
  • Stress Analyzed
  • Lifetime Warranty

Thi sMount Kit requires the use of the Inline-Pro J-to-F Adapter Plate. please contact them for that Adapter plate.)
This Mount Kit does not include any Mounting hardware.
Modification to the J-Series Engine oil filter section will be necessary in order for the Engine to fit in the chassis.
Some Chassis modifications may be necessary.
Fits J32A Engines modification to J35/J37 may be necessary)
75A Black), 85A GRAY and 95A DARK RED durometer bushings available.

This is a custom Engine Swap that requires many custom parts. These Mounts are Only part of the system that is required to have a functioning car. There may be parts of the Engine that will require modification and/or relocation to fit. Please be aware of this before ordering or installing.

It is strongly recommended that all installs be done by a mechanic or automotive specialist. Mounts Can Not be returned or Swapped out after they have been Bolted down.

Innovative Engine Mounts are built for performance driving. Although Innovatives bushings are made to absorb Engine vibration, you may still notice slight vibration depending on your Engines Series and HP. Innovative Mounts removes the dampening oil containers harbored by OEM/Stock Mounts. By switching to stiffer Mounts without the fluid reduces wheel hop and increases driving response.

Weight: 20lbs