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92-97 Del Sol Shift Linkage B Series Innovative Mounts


Designed to fit the Honda del Sol With a B Series Engine.

CAD/CAM Designed

  • Stress Analyzed
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100 percent plug and play
  • No modifications required

Innovative Mounts B Series Shift Linkages connect the shifter to the shift fork mechanism, translating the motion of the gear shifter.

Our B Series shift linkages are custom made to fit your Engine Swap! Our solid state-of-the-art construction make the Innovative Shift Linkage a must have for any B-Swap!


  • It is strongly recommended that all installs be done by a mechanic or automotive specialist.
  • Linkages Can Not be returned or Swapped out after they have been Bolted down revealing Bolt impressions).
  • Please Make sure this Kit fits your vehicle before Bolting them in place.