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Hybrid Racing B-Series Fuel System Package



335LPH High Flow Fuel Pump

After years of testing various options on the market, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands. We got to work developing a drop-in pump for EG/EK/DC that would be capable of supporting up to 1000HP naturally aspirated or 700HP on forced induction setups. After over a year of in-house and third-party testing, our high-flow E85 Fuel Pump has been determined to meet our strict criteria for fuel system needs. We are happy to offer the pump and install kit to customers.

This pump flows a true 335LPH @ 40PSI and is compatible with all types of fuels from pump gas - E85 - Alcohol - Methanol - Race Fuels. Our pumps meet the highest quality standards and are backed up by a one-year warranty. We collaborated with one of the best OE fuel pump manufacturers in the world to guarantee quality.

Fuel Rail & Line

Our fuel rail lets the 335LPH pump flow, but also adds some niceties to the fuel system and flare to the engine bay. All fuel rails are machined from a single 6061 aluminum billet and T6 heat-treated. This piece took many revisions to get right, but the final design speaks for itself. Users have the flexibility to install the Fuel Pressure Gauge on the centralized 1/8” NPT port of the rail making it easily visible. But if that isnt your style, the port can be plugged, and the gauge mounted elsewhere (perhaps on an aftermarket FPR?). In the same way, you can either run the OEM B-series fuel pressure regulator or cap it off with the supplied 1/8” NPT plug and use the side -8ORB port.

On the fuel delivery side, a Fuel Line is supplied to connect the fuel filter to the rail. This replaces the OEM rubber line with a -6AN braided hose that has appropriate fittings and a simple & clean look.

What intake manifolds is this rail compatible with?

This rail has been shown to mount to the most popular OEM Honda B-Series intake manifolds on theHonda B16 & B18 engines.

Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge V2

New-look Hybrid Racing fuel pressure gauges read between 0-100 psi. As mentioned, they are perfectly located by our fuel rail, giving the user a clear view so they can monitor their EFI fuel system.