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Hybrid Racing K-Swap Race Shifter & Cable Combo (K20Z3 Trans)



Moving the shifter assembly to the top of the exhaust tunnel might be your preferred method when K-swapping your car. It leaves extra room for a larger or more tucked exhaust, but also allows the use of our TL/TSX Short Shifter, offering some additional functionality over our ‘Bolt-In style assemblies. We put together this Race Shifter package to make relocation of the shifter straightforward, but also to give awesome shifting capabilities in the process. Our Mounting Plate allows this type of gear selector to mount in any EF/EG/EK/DA/DC chassis, the user only needs to drill two small M8 holes. Note that the center console doesnt fit this arrangement.

What makes our TSX Shifter so great?

The team at Hybrid Racing has been making short shifters for over 15 years, its safe to say we have learned a few things along the way. Our latest generation of shifters is the sum of all the resources and knowledge we have collected over the years. These shifters incorporate modern manufacturing processes, countless hours of testing, and constant innovation to build upon the original design and arrive at the closest thing to shifting perfection.

Of course, what makes a good shifter is largely subjective. Adjustability was a major emphasis - allowing users to tailor their shifter to their liking. A 5mm Allen wrench allows the shift knob to be raised 2” taller, or .5” lower than stock (or anywhere in-between). Using the same Allen wrench, the knob can be offset closer to or further from the steering wheel.

This wouldnt be a ‘short shifter without a reduced throw. Compared with an OEM TSX shifter, the range of motion between gears can be reduced by 5% to 45% (below stock throw). Gate spacing (left-right shifter motion) is also adjustable, meaning that if you like short throws and wide gates, long throws, and narrow gates, or any other combination, you can tailor it to your preference.

Unmatched quality

To make a high-end product that will stand up to the abuse of track driving, no corners were cut. The links are made from 6061-T6 aluminum with stainless steel ball bearings for a quiet operation with no need for lubrication. The frame that the shifter sits on is constructed from steel, making it incredibly rigid, however, as is evident in the design, the topology has been optimized to take as much weight out as possible. The result is a tight shifter that inspires confidence as you row through the gears.

With its superior construction, adjustability, and unmatched testing and performance, our shifter has, once again, set the standard.

Shifter Cables

These cables are not based on OEM dimensions, they are specifically created to connect our TSX Shifter to a K20Z3 transmission. But they do a lot more than simply ‘work, they feature solid rod ends, permanently lubricated cores, and aluminum end links, giving them a firmer, tighter feel over the OEM. This provides greater feedback to the driver for a more intimate connection with the transmission.

The Cables can withstand heat up to 225°F and have a max bend radius of 5”, this makes life easy when routing and feeding them through the firewall. On top of this, another notable feature is upgraded stainless steel swivel support tubes (OEM are plastic) known to break on the factory cables. All of the rod ends and mounting bushings are CNC machined 6061 aluminum.

What is included with these shifter cables?

The kit comes with two shifter cables; each shifter cable set includes two cotter pins, and clips for the shifter end. We also include new hardware for the shifter cable mounting plates that attach to the transmission bracket.

Shifter Mounting Plate

The Shifter Plate makes this kit possible without fabrication. It is CNC machined out of an aluminum billet and finished in Dust Black. The base also includes a rubber seal to prevent dust, dirt, and fumes from entering the cabin.