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Hybrid Racing K-Swap Bolt-In Shifter & Cable Combo (K24 Trans)

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A simple but effective solution
No-cut shifter assemblies solve a major problem associated with K-Series swaps – having to mount the OEM plastic RSX shifter. This Hybrid Racing Bolt-in Short Shifter retains the stock center console in your EF, EG, EK & DC, making K-swaps much more doable for the average DIYer.  

Making a product this refined didn’t happen overnight. In 2008, we introduced the first ever Bolt-in K-swap shifter. Years and thousands of shifts later, we have arrived at the latest evolution of our innovative design. 

Emphasis was put on making the shifter user friendly to install, adjustable to the driver’s preferences, and provide an exceptional driving experience. The shifter installs with the factory center console and only requires two small holes to be drilled. The knob can be adjusted up to 2 inches vertically. An aluminum offset block allows it to be rotated 360 degrees. The front/back throw can be adjusted to 2 different settings (75% stock throw, and 40% stock throw). The left/right throw can also be adjusted to 2 different settings (again, 75% stock throw, and 40% stock throw).  

Shifter Cables    

These cables are not based on OEM dimensions, they are specifically created to connect the Z3 Shifter to a Honda/Acura K24A2/A4/A8 transmission. These cables do much more than simply ‘work’, they feature solid rod ends, permanently lubricated core, and aluminum end links, giving them a firmer, tighter feel over the OEM. This provides greater feedback to the driver for a more 'connected’ feeling with the transmission. 

The Cables have a max bend radius of 5” and can withstand heat up to 225°F, making them easy to route. On top of this, they have some other notable features such as upgraded stainless steel swivel support tubes (OEM are plastic) known to break on the factory cables. All of the rod ends and mounting bushings are CNC machined 6061 aluminum. 

Before, getting accurate gear selection required a mix and match of OEM parts, but not anymore – Our cables use the factory K24A2/A4/A8 cable mounting bracket; forget sourcing additional parts! What is included with these shifter cables? The kit comes with two shifter cables and hardware to attach the cables to the transmission bracket.  

What is included with these shifter cables? 

The kit comes with two shifter cables and hardware to attach the cables to the transmission bracket.