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Calling All Miatas to the Gap - Why Miatas at the Gap is THE Miata Event of the Year

July 25, 2022 2 min read

Calling All Miatas to the Gap - Why Miatas at the Gap is THE Miata Event of the Year
It’s easy to see why the Miata has become a cult favorite in the car scene. Its lightweight chassis hugs the curves of the road without compromising control. Its parts are easy to tweak, and spare parts are easy to find. These sporty roadsters are fun to drive, whether it’s on city streets or winding country roads.


Speaking of country roads…


Next month, Miatas from all over are heading to Miatas at the Gap. This annual event is one of the largest Miata meets in the country, so if you’re a Miata fan, you’re gonna want to head to the Gap. Deals Gap, North Carolina is the entry to some of the wildest roads in the country. If you haven't heard of Deals Gap, you may have heard of Tail of the Dragon.


Tail of the Dragon is an 11-mile stretch of US 129 that has 318 hairpin turns and only 2 lanes. Yes, you read that right. 318 turns. While the Tail of the Dragon is the most popular road in the area, there’s lots of other fun roads nearby.


MATG hosts a series of spirited runs through Cherohala Skyway and Wayah Road. But, if you’d rather do some exploring on your own, there are plenty of routes to choose from, such as:

  • Wayah Road - 28 miles of switchbacks and turns connecting Franklin, NC and Nantahala Gorge, NC. This route is also known as Thunder Road.
  • Cherohala Skyway- 44 miles across the mountains of North Carolina and the woods of Tennessee. This route has a lot of twists, turns, and elevation changes.
  • Moonshiner 28 - Splits off the Tail of the Dragon and has plenty of unpredictable switchbacks. This route is about 103 miles from beginning to end.
  • Devil’s Triangle- A 44-mile route circling the Tail of the Dragon. This route has many elevation changes and switchbacks.


The turnout for MATG is high, so Miata fans can expect to see tons of amazing builds all weekend. Vendors dealing in all things Miata will be there. They will offer plenty of options for tuning your build. All vendors donate products for MATG’s annual raffle, so there’s even a chance to win some amazing prizes.


Before taking your Miata up to Deals Gap, make sure to check your motor mounts for any wear and tear. Imagine driving through those winding roads with the rattle of an off-kilter engine.


We offer motor mounts for the NA, NB, and NC Miata. Our NA and NB motor mounts are height adjustable, offering a customizable height option that will help prevent scraping if you sit very low; or to lower your center of gravity, an overall benefit for gripping those corners tight! Keep in mind, NA and NB motor mounts are dependent on the motor, so make sure you buy mounts based on the year of your motor. For more information on what you get when you choose Innovative Mounts for your Miata can be found here, along with a stellar review from Flyin’ Miata.


MATG kicks off Thursday, August 4th - Sunday August 7th, so make sure to check out more details on their website. Will we see you there??