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October 08, 2021 2 min read

The Innovative Traction Bar Overview

Are you looking to get better performance out of your daily driver or full-on track car? The Innovative traction bar is one of the best bang-for-your-buck products to increase handling, stability & reduce wheel hop. Check out this awesome review of our traction bar done by none other than Zosh!



Increased Stability & Rigidity

When installing the Innovative traction bar, you are increasing rigidity by tying the front frame rails together. Using our custom radius rods attached to your LCA & bar you will then be triangulating your front suspension. Doing so will ensure consistent toe is maintained resulting in better performance under load.  


Reduce Wheel Hop = Better Traction

It’s very common for our customers to upgrade their vehicles increasing horsepower. Upon doing so you risk the chance of notorious wheel hop decreasing traction ultimately limiting 0 to 60 times. When attaching our custom radius rods to your LCA you drastically reduce the chance for movement. More power being transferred to the ground makes it easier to get the edge on other competitors. 


Save Your Factory Suspension Parts

Most factory suspension components are subject to failure when it comes to spirited driving and track days. From continuous vibration and movement, factory LCA bushings will begin to tear causing a less than pleasant driving experience. By decreasing those unwanted movements, you will prolong the life of your factory bushings. Our traction bar comes standard with upgraded spherical bushings that attach the radius rods to your LCA. Using spherical bushings will ensure all unwanted movements are kept to a minimum calling for all momentum to be directed forward.



Ease of Install

With very little mechanical knowledge needed and the help of Innovative customer support, any and everyone should be able to install one of these traction bars. Please see the attached video for a brief overview of how to install one of these in your very own garage.  


Our Inventory 

Part #  Chassis  Price
59113 88-91 Prelude $349.99
50110 92-01 Prelude $374.99
59310 90-93 Accord $374.99
59710 94-97 Accord  $374.99
50112 92-95 Civic, 96-01 Integra  $374.99
59311 90-93 Integra, 88-91 Civic/CRX $349.99
96350 88-91 Civic/CRX  $424.99