September 15, 2021 2 min read

Innovative Miata Motor Mounts

A Review from Flyin’ Miata

In this video, our friend Brandon Fitch from Flyin’ Miata gives us the rundown on our Mazda Miata motor mounts. He discusses the pros and cons of stock mounts versus our performance mounts, matching the mounts to the right vehicle, and answers some common questions.

In brief, the benefits of Innovative mounts are . . . increased performance, reduced NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), a more cohesive driving experience, and a lifetime warranty.  Read below for a summary of the video.



Why Choose Innovative Mounts

Our unique tapered bushing design for our Miata Motor Mounts makes minimal physical contact between the mount and its housing, keeping NVH low while keeping strength high. With reduced vibration, a more cohesive driving experience, better shifting performance, and a mount that’s more than a puck of polyurethane Innovative is a no brainier for your performance Miata. 

Consider the Benefits of Adjustable Height

Designed to fit both NA Miata & NB Miata chassis, our mounts offer a feature that should be a standard across all aftermarket Miata engine mounts. Height adjustability! Whether you raised your car and would like to lower your engine, or you lowered your car and your oil pan is too low, you have that option with our Miata mount kit. Both our MX5 NA engine mounts & our MX5 NB engine mounts offer three different heights for your motor - Stock ride height, 3/8" higher, or 3/8" lower - making this a perfect kit for any MX5 Miata, street or rally.

Extend the Lifetime of Your Engine Mounts

Made in the USA, Innovative Mounts provides a lifetime warranty. We stand behind our product. Over time, especially when racing, polyurethane is destined to wear, that's the nature of the beast. By choosing Innovative, you are kept in good hands. Need replacement bushings? Just call us!


Match the Engine, Not the Chassis

The key to buying any Miata Engine mount kit is the year of the motor. Look at the chart below to see what mount kit you should buy today!

Part# Motor Year Price
113250 1990-1993 $249.99
113150 1994-1997 $249.99
113450 1999-2000 $249.99
113550 2001-2005 $274.99